I've Missed You

I missed you blog. Sorry it's been so long. Been busy doing things with people and interacting with something that's not a computer and not an iPhone. But I'm back!

So, a little recap.

Last Tuesday, we drove to Atlanta for the holidays.

 David and I are lucky enough to have our parents in the same city so that we get to see everyone when we travel. Sure--it has its ups and downs and we both feel some pressure (put on only from ourselves) to make sure we spend somewhat equal time with each family. We travel back and forth a lot but it is totally worth it and we wouldn't change it.

After a whirlwind week at home (Hotlanta), we both feel really glad to be back in SC...and back into a "routine". The only one is isn't happy to be home is Colonel Mustard. He got to spend 5 days with his BFF, my folks dog, Creature, and needless to say, Colonel did not want to leave Atlanta. He pouted and stared out the car window for about 30 minutes until he realized we weren't going back. And until I gave him a little piece of bacon--just to remind him where the food and love comes from (ME). Creature doesn't feed you, Colonel. Sorry, buddy. You'll see him in a few weeks.

Wednesday, David spent the entire day helping my dad do yard work. After a long run and some family time, I had a fabulous ladies night with 3/4 of my girl friends. Lots of healthy snacks and lots of unhealthy amounts of wine and prosecco...life is all about balance, right? It was a really fun night of catching up, gossiping, talking about life, careers, relationships...all that good stuff. Love you ladies.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and my little sis and I started the day off right: cooking. If you've been to my house, you know the kitchen is the heart. It is where you'll always find my mom, and she is totally happy in there. She had old movies on the small tv while we made a savory Mushroom and Leek bread pudding (instead of vegetarian stuffing), thank you Barefoot Contessa. I cooked my Tofurkey, which I gotta say, I'm getting better at each year. It gets more flavor and more juicy each year--it's a good thing. My little sister made a chocolate pecan and bourbon pie for the pie contest that would take place at my aunts. It was amazing--as all the food always is. It was a great morning together--I love that time.

Tofurkey on Left, Fried Turkey on Right

 We went to my Aunt and Uncles for Thanksgiving "dinner", which is eaten at 1pm (which turns into like 3pm). We eat, laugh, tell stories and hang out. There were about 20 of us this year which was really fun. I really love my family. (little sis below, and then cousin KK)


(pies: sorry for the hand...someone couldn't stay away)

 My Plate. Yum.

David's dad, Jack and my dad, John, and their turkeys

Around 4pm, we left and went up for Dinner Part 2. Dinner at the Wagner's is always really awesome. They make these killer sweet potatoes with crunchy and sugary stuff on top, and let's not forget, Emily is there. Everyone loves seeing her grow up (she's our niece, and she's 2). She is super talkative and is so much more developed each time we see her. She plays really well, she started to actually like Colonel Mustard this time (last year was a little...um...traumatic), she strings together really long and funny sentences, and it is just so fun to be with everyone.


Friday, David had a dude-friend poker game, and so he and his twin brother Matt went to do that, and I went home. My older sis Lis and her bf Andy, my little sis Megan, my mom and I went to the humane society. We had the best intentions of looking for a 1-2 year old male dog that doesn't shed and that is potty trained and all that stuff. Well, we basically melted when we went into the puppy room (which we shouldn't have done), and we picked one out for Creature. This wasn't a random idea, by the way. My mom's been trying to "convince" my dad for a year or so that Creature needs a playmate to keep him young and active, and my dad has always just kind of said, "yeah, no." --I should also include that my dad has never had anything to do with picking any of our dogs we've had. I secretly think he likes it that way so he can tell people, "they just went and got a dog! without even telling me!" So, we'll just let him have that.

So, we settled on the opposite of what we came for. His Humane Society name was Roast (will be renamed), he is 6 mo. old, not potty trained, definitely sheds, still chewing stuff up....you know, total opposite of what we planned. But sooooo cute...like a tiny little Creature. But isn't that how it works? You just "bond" with one, and that's that. All rules out the window. So, new name and more pics coming when he's ready to be picked up.

New Bro for Creature

Saturday was awesome. David and I got up bright and early (like 9am---it was vacation), shared a clementine and had some coffee, and then drove about an hour north of Atlanta to meet up with him family at a Petting Zoo. It was all for Emily, and we were all so excited to see her reaction to the farm animals. Well, she hated it. She squealed. She whined. She did enjoy the cats walking around (not part of the exhibit), but she didn't want to be that close to the goats, pigs, cows, llamas, etc. It was a lot of fun for the rest of us though, trying to show her how "cute the little goats were", or how "furry the llama was". She wasn't buying it. Emily was like, "where's my iPad. I want Little Einsteins. Now."

It was a good time overall, and being home was, as always, great. I got some good family time, got to see some friends, and got to let Colonel play with Creature--which makes us all very happy. I hope everyone had a fun and family and love filled Thanksgiving Holiday.

Now I've got to pack for a work trip to NC--headed up Monday morning. Love ya, bean it <3

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