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Today, I've totally copied everything my friend Emily (above) normally does, including a similar outfit to hers from yesterday. I had to drive up to Rock Hill, SC for work this morning and needed a portable snack. So, I channeled Em and made a smoothie-of-interesting-color. Normally, she has some sort of Green-ish smoothie at work each morning. She uses her City Roots CSA in lots of ways, but seems to really love it all liquefied. She drink's her salads.

So, since I'd be on the road, I whipped up a little smoothie. And it was amazingly good and filling. Wasn't hungry again til like 11. (and this was at 8ish).

My Thrown-Together Smoothie:

Handful of Blueberries
Handful of Strawberries with green top cut off (duh)
Heaping Scoop of my fav protein powder (I used chocolate this am, we have vanilla too)
Two Handfuls of Spinach (raw)
1 spoonful of greek yogurt (Fage 0% is my fav)
About 3/4 cup of Almond Milk (you need a liquid)
About 5 ice cubes

Blend and ta-da! Brownish-purplish smoothie greatness! I drank it in the car, so no pictures. (Can't take pictures while I drive, y'all...I would never do that).

See?? I'd never take pictures and drive. GAH.

On my way to Rock Hill, I stopped into a shopping center to hit up TJMAXX. I was early for my meeting, ok? Thought I could fit in a little niece and god-children xmas shopping. Well that place is crazy as ever. In the midst of this....

I did find one cool thing. 

Yeah, that was it. I didn't even buy the little glass jar with copper lid because I was so depressed in that store. It is so messy!! You really have to be in the mood to sift through all that. Reminds me of an Onion article David and I used to laugh at.

So, as I headed up 77, I did some major Bible catch-up. **For new or recent readers, I'm doing a Read the Bible in a year challenge** Yes, the Holidays set me behind a bit. I had about 8 chapters of Numbers to catch up on, and Luke 5-7 to catch up on as well. It was hard to find the time while I was home to keep up with lots of things that fit easily into a routine when I'm home.

Prior to Googling, I tried to think why Numbers was called 'Numbers'. I tried to use my brain before my phone---weird. BUUUUT, I got nothing other than they do a lot of listing and preparing (similarly to Leviticus/laws). So here's what the inter-webs said,

"This book takes its name from the fact that it contains the account of the two census enumerations of the congregation of Israel in chs. 1-4 and ch. 26. The title, however, is interesting since there is really no connection with these "numberings." The original Hebrew title, "in the wilderness," is greatly to be preferred, as the book is certainly more a vital history of the events of the period of wanderings than a catalogue of lifeless statistics. Numbers follows naturally after Leviticus in the sequence of the books of the Pentateuch. After receiving the laws at Sinai, the journey to which was described in Exodus, the Israelites were ready to continue their march to Canaan. This book tells of their preparations, their sin in failing to trust in God and the resultant thirty-seven years of wanderings through the rough wilderness. At the end of the book, they are once again at the edge of Canaan, where they receive instructions for the conquest and division of the land."

I am enjoying reading the Gospels a lot-- I like reading the same general story a few different ways. It also cements it into your head better when you read about Jesus' life 4 times. I'd like to get Rev. DW to talk more about the gospels once we finish John (about 1/3 into Luke right now), but for now, you can just ponder this.

Why John's different (quote creds below)

"John presents a "higher" Christology than the synoptics, meaning that he describes Jesus as the incarnation of the divine Logos through whom all things were made, as the object of veneration,[9] and more explicitly as God incarnate.[10] Only in John does Jesus talk at length about himself and his divine role, often shared with the disciples only. Against the synoptics, John focuses largely on different miracles (including resurrecting Lazarus), given as signs meant to engender faith. Synoptic elements such as parables and exorcisms are not found in John. It presents a realized eschatology in which salvation is already present for the believer. The historical reliability of John is debated, particularly by secular scholarship.[11][12]In contrast, Grace-oriented churches argue for the total pre-eminence of John."

Also Ponder this. For your health.


top photo: Thomas Hammond  http://www.thomashammondphotography.com/


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