Nickname Story

Where did your nickname come from?

Here it is folks...the Bean/Beano story.

Kathleen rhymes with Bean. Kathleen the Bean. Leen Bean. String Bean. All of those were nicknames when I was growing up. Still following? Not too hard, right?

So it was Bean until I went to Camp Mikell one summer and my sister and some of her friends were like, "Beano"...I assume because of the gas medicine. And then everyone from camp changed from Kathleen or Bean to Beano. It lost the gas medicine teasing shortly thereafter (thank god), and quickly just became a lifelong nickname that I still go by.

Yes, I've been called Bean my whole life.

Yes, my parents call me Bean still.

Yes, I have social anxiety when I first introduce myself to someone.

Yes, my Grandmother refuses to call me Bean.

Yes, she's pretty much the only one.

Yes, I prefer Bean.

Yes, I own lot's of Beano products people buy me to be original and funny.

No, I've never used them.


Yes, you can call me Bean. I'd like that.

<3 Love ya, Bean it.

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