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Can I just take a personal moment and pat myself on the back for reading 2 FULL books of the Bible. I mean...Genesis, check. Matthew, check. I didn't even cheat, or skip parts! Almost there with Exodus...I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty accomplished. 2 down, 64 more to go. Is that right, 66? I could sing my Wee Sing Bible Songs to find out...but for now, I'll guesstimate (also because I'm at work, and no one wants to hear the priests wife singing Bible songs alone in her cubicle...now THAT would be sad). I know 2 full books may not seem like much to some, but I've never sat down to attempt to read the Bible, so, if you are unimpressed...shu'up.

I'm also really impressed with the fact that I've already heard and remembered a lot of what we've read thus far. Sure, Genesis, Exodus and Matthew are pretty well-quoted books, but before I started, I was thinking, I am going to learn so many new things! And I haven't learned a damn NEW thing! Just kidding, I'm learning a lot.

Since I'm in deep in the Old Testament, I'm going to say something real quick (Warning and disclaimer: I am in no way formally educated on any of the things about to mentioned--they're simply my personal thoughts and wonderings). I have a hard time wondering how some faiths and some people can believe that the Bible is the word-for-word truth that is NOT to be questioned. Some think if you ask questions and therefore, presumably don't believe, you're, well...damned, literally...fire and eternal suffering and all that jazz, well, take that back, no jazz.

I suppose I'm one of those "The Bible is a collection of stories meant to teach us things and of course lots of the events really must have happened and of course Jesus lived and taught and empowered, and of course many Biblical events may have been accurate to that time and the way people lived then...", but to encourage others to either believe my way or go to hell...no says I. Who am I to tell people what's right and wrong and what the Bible really means? And frankly, who is anyone else to tell me what to believe. I like to question and wonder...that's what it all about, right? Starting the conversation? Making it not taboo? Accepting peoples differences?

Mainline Denomination Stereotypes: Episcopalian

Episcopalians that I've encountered (which is a lot) don't tend to lean heavily on judgement...contrary to the funny Tumblr image above. We don't tend to use or abuse those heavy words like 'born again' and 'saved'--that pop up so often here in the Bible Belt (ie the area below that looks like its got a rash). This Billboard is on the way to our lake house located in a really rashy part of the Bible belt...gotta love it.


 I also (sarcastically) appreciate that this is the handiwork of a youth group. I also appreciate the feet coming out of heaven. Rapture=successful. Lastly, I appreciate that they knew it takes 5 minutes, not 1, not 6, 5..5 minute judgement. Also, "where will you be 5 minutes after you die" is not what they say in Hebrews 9:27. Just sayin'...BOOYAH SWEETGUM BAPTIST YOUTH!

Whatcha'll think? Agree? Disagree? Doesn't "born again" remind you of "Reborn" which reminds you of those creepy dolls that look like real babies...??? Don't believe me--CHECK THAT LINK. You might be sorry. See? Both equally creepy.

Credits: http://everydayimpastoring.tumblr.com/post/34301854257/mainline-denomination-stereotypes-episcopalians

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