Sandy Monster

For those whose lives are in harm's way, dear Lord protect them under the shadow of your wings. For those who have been injured or whose loved ones have been killed, dear Lord comfort them under the shadow of your wings. For those who rescue and bring aid, dear Lord guard them under the shadow of your wings. For those who seek courage to face an uncertain future, dear Lord renew their strength under the shadow of your wings. May God's face shine on us and be gracious to us, that the shadow of God's wings may give us strength and courage! May God look on us with favor and give us peace, that the shadow of God's wings may enfold us in love. Amen."

David and I lived in NYC for three years and we both feel immense love for that city. We've got tons of friends up and down the east coast, and it seems like all fared well in Sandy. GTS, David's school, was right in the heart of Chelsea. We were on 20th St, between 9th and 10th Aves--which is about 4 blocks from the Hudson River. Following Sandy and our friends still at GTS via Facebook, lots of folks said the Hudson River was right outside their windows--which is insane to think about. 

We had some of the best times in NYC...my sister Liz lived there so I got to see her a lot, David and I both started and finished Grad School there, we spent a lot of time in Harlem with Mike and Jess, we had Thirsty Thursdays with The Joneses (how do you spell that?), and we've had some amazing Halloween memories...(had to go there since Halloween is tomorrow and it's one of my favorite Holidays).

Halloween 2010 may have been the best yet for David and I. We were Popeye and Olive Oyl, and we had an amazing time! (Don't mind Casey/aka "Jokers Girlfriend" in the back. Hot, I know. Try to focus on David and I, okay? She's taken.)

Halloween 2011, like I said last week, we stayed home and gave out candy b/c...
1. we didn't have many friends in Columbia yet, its okay. we're not sad.
2. We wanted to try the "we have a house, let's have trick or treater's come" thing. I told you how that turned out.

So for Halloween 2012, we're trying the Combo. I love dressing up--I think it's fun. So Friday night, we went out as Tooth and Tooth Fairy. Yes, he's got a toothbrush on his crown. Why the crown, you ask? WHY NOT! (Although we did have a lot of drunk people saying, "heyyyy, KING TOOTH!! AWESOME!", David just smiled and said things like, "yep...I'm the King Tooth... that was my plan.."

Emily and Santi as Crazy Cat Lady and one of her cats...and Brent as a Creeper. I don't know if that's what he called it, maybe "Creepy Mask Guy", but it was really weird and scary. Should have won the costume contest...

I'm dressing up at work tomorrow as well...not sure what I'll be yet. And then we'll stay home and hand out candy, and scare kids with our scary dog. Who needs Spiderwebs and Ghosts on their porch when they've got one of these?

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