Fall...sup sup

Since this blog doesn't have a purpose yet, I am just going to use it to share about my life. For family and out of town friends and whoever else feels like they don't get enough of me and my constant Instagramming and Facebooking, and lets not forget...Pinteresting. So for those folks...sup sup. (some of you will get that).

If anyone else lives in the Southeast, you'll know that it just got chilly yesterday (and this morning as well). I love fall; sweaters, boots, skinny jeans, drapy tops, non-frizzled hair (yeah I said Frizzled since this was one of my favorite book series ever)...

So today, I'm pulling out all the fall stops...brown/mustard and red, and leopard wedges that go with everything--brown or black, so they're basically the best shoes ever. Plus in this picture my legs look abnormally long and thin (which I'm LOVING), so I'll take it. Musta been that 10K.

Also, since I'm not in the mood to blog about Lot's children impregnating themselves by their father and then him offering them up to be um...used by other men...I'll just talk about tofu instead. I mean, what really can you say about Lot and that whole story? A lot of things in the Old Testament and crazy like that. So back to tofu. (yes, this is stream of consciousness blogging and yes, my brain skips around this much). Did I mention one of my best friends and college roommates is a tofu guru? She's also an incredibly talented Healthy Food and Fitness Blogger and the author of Eating Bird Food, but she taught me (a vegetarian for 13 yrs) how to do tofu RIGHT. It involves a lot of time to draw moisture out of the tofu (we do this all day long), but not a lot of work.

and here are some pictures that I've used to accompany that link--behold, my dinner last night.

My last trick that is not in the recipe is to cube your tofu into pretty small pieces (like dice-sized) and then I also throw them in the broiler on high to absorb that last bit of moisure (so its not soggy), and to crisp the nutritional yeast crust. Amazeballs.



  1. Lot first offers up his daughters to be "used" by the citizens of Sodom, and then later, his daughters get Lot drunk and impregnate themselves by him. As I learned, thanks to my handy study Bible (and yesch I schaid that withsch schaliva collected in the cornersch of my mouth), this seems to serve to purposes:

    1) it parallels the Noah story. In both stories, the "world," as the people in each story have known it, has been destroyed. In Noah's story, after the flood waters receded, there's an episode involving Noah and his children (Shem, Ham, and Japheth), his drunkenness, and his nakedness. After Sodom/Gomorrah have been destroyed, this episode involves Lot's children, drunkenness, and "nakedness," this time in sexual, incestual relations.

    2) this story is also a bit of comeuppance for Lot, who offered up his daughters to be "used by" (or raped) the male citizens of Sodom, who were demanding that Lot send out the male visitors whom he was hosting (who were actually angels) so that they can "know" them -- very possibly sexually, and if so then via rape. Lot offered his daughters as a substitute for the male visitors. Who does that?!?!?

    3) That tofu was awesome, y'all!

  2. Whoa that sounds crazy! What are the chapters/verses!?

  3. Mike--if I remember right it's Genesis 19-20ish.