Beginning of Week 2

Ah Monday...the best day to procrastinate at work...not really. But since it's lunchtime and the egg salad I packed was a little funky smelling, I didn't eat it. So needless to say, I have plenty of time to not-eat during my lunch break. Plus my BFF Kristina actually asked where my newest post was (OMG...thank you one-reader), so I figured I'd get a move on.

So-hows everyone doing with their bible reading?? I've kept up thus far. One week down: WOO HOO! I have kind of wanted to read it in order though because I'm finding that sometimes I need to backtrack a little bit to see what I read the day before. I asked David (priest husband, remember?) why we're reading it section by section (like a little Genesis and a little Matthew, etc.) and he said it should coincide more with the readings at church. (Which it did this past Sunday if anyone noticed). Oh, you weren't at church? You're screwed. Jk, love ya, mean it. Er...bean it. Speaking of the Bible, check out this image I found from our Public Library today. Guess we're not alone in this Bible Quest...since it's the Most Read Book. I guess I'm not totally surprised, but now I feel like I'm accomplishing a big chunk of my "books to read and re-read in my lifetime" list, that I'll have to share at another point.

Here's the link to See whats coming up this week, Week 2.

Confession Time: I got a little off track Thursday because my little sister came to town to visit her BFF and moi and so, what can I say? I had company. But I caught up yesterday by reading half of Thursday, all of Friday and Saturday.

In other weekend (non-bible) news, I also ran my first 10K Saturday morning with David. That was hard and my legs are still feeling it today. There were about 500 uphills, and for those of you that are familiar with Columbia, SC, here's the map of the 10K (and proof that I did it, thank you Nike+.


And whats even crazier than that is that David and I both got 3rd place in our SEPERATE age categories (He's over 30...I'm not). So yeah, we won hot pink medals.  This was us "posing for a picture" that we asked a stranger to take, and evidentally the iPhone was set on video. Does this ever happen to other people? I had to share it anyway because I think its hilarious when this happens. (In our minds we're saying, "what is taking her so damn long? Oh well...just keep smiling with your 3rd place medals.")

Also, our good friends Dan and Anna (shout out--sup Danna!) came up for the GA/SC game...lunch, tailgating, hanging out with their cute babies, doing some shopping, watching some PATHETIC football.

Alright, back to work.


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