End of Day 1

The second I left work I sat in my car and got my Bible app loaded. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence. It won't happen again, well...it might. So, as soon pushed "play" for Genesis 1, I hear the voice of Katniss Everdeen. I guess my iPhone defaulted to my iTunes Audiobooks once plugged in. Genesis is awesome so far, there's this thing called the Reaping where kids names are drawn each year by the Capital to attend that years HUNGAH GAMES (you have to say it like Effie Trinket to be in the cool club).

Once I realized that I can't plug my phone in to my car, I just pushed play and listened from my phone. Genesis 1-3 some may recognize, the beginning of time. Creation of things and people. Original Sin. Psalms...super short and easy to read, and Matthew 1. Ah Matthew. If anyone has chosen to do this also, can I get a collective, "HUH"??? Don't get me wrong, I love genealogy, but you lost me there. Maybe I'll have David (my Episcopal priest husband...yeah, I'm married to a priest, it's okay b/c we're Episcopalians) do a little genealogy lesson for those who are also undertaking this challenge.

Day one, success.


  1. So why have you chosen to skip around? Instead of Genesis/Psalms/New Testament, why not just Genesis?
    Just curious.

    I read the whole thing myself last year, and let me tell you, you are in for a wild ride! But I think there might be something to waiting for the New Testament until you've finished the Old, as you'll pick up more on the way that Jesus was seen as a living fulfillment of prophecy.
    Just thoughts, comments in a comment box...


    1. Hey RV! Thanks for being my first comment! I am just following the plan that was sent out because evidentally the success rate is higher if you read it in small pieces as opposed to trying to sit down and tackle the whole thing. We shall see...

    2. http://www.edusc.org/component/content/article/70-clergy-resources/835-readings-a-meditations