Day One

So I started this email to some girl friends, and then decided post it. No, I have no agenda. No, I'm not trying to force anything on anyone (except wine...Episcopalians love wine, every day).

So... the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina has issued a challenge to folks to read the Bible in a year. I first heard of it and was like, "please whatevah...' (Barn ladies will get that if they remember me talking in my sleep). When I first heard Bible Challenge I had images of the Documentary Jesus Camp and I wasn't interested (can I say Yikes without offending anyone?) Yikes. Anyways...after marrying the priest and already turning down an invitation to join some other groups at church (QUIT JUDGING ME), I figured one thing I could try would be this. No pressure...I'll do it on my own...If I fail...only you all will know and y'all will love me anyways...but I wanted to put it out there if anyone else had time to do this and wanted to. 

So to be really lazy (and because I know myself well enough to know that I won't do it after work when the Housewives and Flipping Out are on), I downloaded the Bible app because it has a read-aloud option. So i'm going to try to do this on my commute to and from work. Hell--the radio ain't got anything good (okay, that new Carrie Underwood song is good and I love me some Rihanna and Beyonce). So, Day One... this is the plan.

October 1: Genesis 1-3; Psalm 1; Matthew 1

Its 5:04, and I'm still at work (OMG...how annoying), so I'll do it on my way home...see how it goes. Rumor has it the reader on the app even has a British Accent. HOT. I'll report back on that once I actually start. Am I procrastinating already? Crap.

And for overachievers (this won't guarantee you a spot in Heaven so no need to rush), here's tomorrows assignment. 

October 2: Genesis 4-6; Psalm 2; Matthew 2

Now, I'm outta here and off to the dog park with Colonel Mustard (aka da tweetest boi). PARK TIME!!!


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