About a Month In

Just checking in on progress. Indicated below is a little doc I made so I could look at how much I'd done so far, and what was left. Bad idea, right? Not much in red below...but considering I am just over a month in, I am still on track and still at it, so that's good. And I'm following the plan, which is so far, very manageable.  Favorite parts so far: I am enjoying the Psalms...because they're like songs and they read as such. (And many song lyrics coming from them--including most Camp Mikell songs). If you're friend of mine and reading this, can you believe this is the first time I've mentioned Camp Mikell? There I go again...maybe it needs its own post...

What else is going on? I went to bed early last night, did I miss anything big? No? Nothing major happened last night. Okay, then. Back to work :)